Lost Car Keys

It’s never fun to lose your car keys, but luckily, the professional locksmiths at Car Locksmith London are always available to replace the car keys that have been lost. Whether you have the modern electronic key fobs or a traditional metal key. All our locksmiths are trained annually on the most recent technology in the business so that we can give you the best possible service every time. Here’s how our process works-

Replacing Traditional Car Keys

If your car uses a typical metal key, then the procedure to replace your lost car key is somewhat easy. First of all, we need to verify that the vehicle actually belongs to you and then we determine the cuts on your key. In a few cases, we get the code from the dealer or manufacturer while in other cases we use decoding tools for analysing your lock cylinder and find out the cuts. The auto locksmiths might need to cut some keys before getting the exact cut for your car. If your keys get stolen then we can replace the whole lock for you because security is the main concern for us. By doing this the person who has stolen your key won’t be able to use that old key to get inside your car

Replacing Lost Electronic Key Fobs

If you have lost your car key then don’t worry as it mostly happens with everyone. Car Locksmith London is always available to help you so you can get the help that you require anytime. If you lost your car keys just give us a call and we will be there in no time to help you. Once we get our hands on the vehicle, we will attach our computer programming apparatus to the onboard computer of your car under the dashboard through the OBD port. It is a little more complicated to replace the electronic car key fobs but our professionals are well trained and therefore they can handle that job also. In order to work properly, every electronic key fob must be programmed according to the internal computer of your car. We can add up a fresh key fob to your car, or we can simply reprogram your car’s computer so that it can accommodate a new key. This method will also prevent thieves from using that old stolen key fob just like traditional car keys as your car’s computer will now pair with a different key configuration.

At Car Locksmith London, we’ll be more than happy to help you in replacing your lost car keys. If you’re also similar to other people then you must also have a lot more keys such as your office keys, house keys, and additional keys also if your family has multiple cars. We can help you replacing all other keys also. Our expert technicians can help you with-

  • Security system installation
  • Lock changing
  • Key duplication
  • Emergency lockouts and much more

If you want to learn more about us then we welcome you to get in touch with us today. Our experts can answer all the questions that you might have and will always provide you with a clear quote before starting work. We always try to be straightforward and honest in our pricing and we promise that you will never find any kind of surprise charges or hidden fees on your bill. We really value our clients and always provide the best service to them. Call us today at +(44)-7520-665293 to know more about us or to get started.

Car Key Replacement

If you’ve lost the keys of your car then the first thing that you must do is to give a call to Car Locksmith London at +(44)-7520-665293. We use impressioning for making a key replacement. The locksmith will file the key to shape it. Then the key is inserted in the lock, rotated and removed again to look for etchings known as impressions. The key then is filed down to simulate a cut. The same process is repeated again and again until the key turns the lock. We offer other automotive locksmith services such as-


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